Eliminate or Reduce Metal Corrosion

Armoloy's Treatment of Die Casting Surfaces To Retard Heat Checking

Amajor problem in the process industry is the corrosion of metals in pipes, valves, and other parts. Armoloy of Western Pennsylvania, an industry leader in the technology and development of corrosion resistant coating solutions, has been serving the industry since 1996. At Armoloy, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to customer needs, offering corrosion resistant coatings that will solve your unique problems. Our in-house team of engineers and developers, with over 50 years of engineering experience, through rigorous research and testing, have developed state-of-the-art corrosion and wear resistant coatings that will increase your productivity while making the your processes more cost effective.

Our proprietary coatings: Diamond Chromium Coating (98Rc) and Thin Dense Chromium Coating (78Rc) provide absolute adhesion and corrosion protection equal to 440 series stainless steel. Armoloy’s superior coating solutions can reduce problems associated with severe corrosion. Due to higher surface hardness, our corrosion resistant coatings have a longer wear life than even stainless steel. Armoloy corrosion resistant and wear resistant coatings allow the use of less expensive metals as opposed to using chrome or stainless steel which can correlate to a relatively large cost savings, while at the same time increasing wear life; a true win-win advantage for our customers!

  • Diamond Chromium Coating 98Rc (XADC)
  •  Our XADC coating offers the industrial design and engineering community an expansion of options to enhance equipment and tooling performance, plus it increases the durability of the components used in a wide-range of applications. From plastic injection mold tooling to coating aerospace applications that require long life, extreme wear protection, corrosion protection, and reduced friction Armoloy’s XADC is unsurpassed in its ability to control the problems associated with wear and corrosion.

  • Thin Dense Chromium Coating 78Rc (TDC)
  •  Our TDC coating is a low-temperature, multi-state surface finishing process. Its silver satin mattechromium coating insures fidelity to part contours and details without the edge build-up or “dog-boning” associated with conventional chrome plating. The addition of the nano-diamond spheres in our TDC coating technology is unique to the industry. Unlike conventional hard chrome plating, our TDC coating conforms with precision to details in metal tools, resulting in hard (78Rc), slippery, and corrosion-resistant surfaces. TDC coatings provide a standard plating thickness of .0001/.0003“ per surface. However, in molding, the .000050/.0002“ range is more realistic, given the tight tolerances that are the industry standard so they won’t interfere with the working of industrial equipment. Armoloy’s protective coatings will provide coating solutions that maintain corrosion resistance for many possible applications.

    Armoloy’s XADC and TDC coatings will eliminate the formation of corrosion while reducing friction thus circumventing the potential for breakdown of equipment or part failures and consequently loss of time. Potential for pitting and crevice corrosion, as well as brittle fracture resulting from corrosive attack are also reduced or eliminated with the application of our corrosion resistant and wear resistant coatings.

    Armoloy’s superior XADC and TDC coatings will:
    1. Prevent premature fractures of parts and equipment due to corrosion fatigue.
    2. Provide corrosion protection that reduces the potential for decomposition of metal and plastic surfaces. Our coatings will provide modification of the corrosion system so that corrosion damage is mitigated.
    3. Enhance the durability of parts and equipment providing a wear resistant solution for many industrial areas including, but limited to, rubber and plastics, nuclear, automotive, food processing, OEM machine tooling and bearings.
    4. Reduce or eliminate friction which will in turn provide longer wear.

    The hardness of the substrate metal is not an issue with Armoloy coatings. Generally, the harder the base metal, the more effective Armoloy’s XADC and TDC coatings become. Our coatings can also be used on gas or ion surfaces (with prior notification). Even with copper alloys, where hardness cannot be dramatically increased, our coatings will still provide wear resistance against abrasion without inhibiting the copper’s thermal diffusion properties. Please contact us at Armoloy to work with you to aid in extending your die life and to produce a better quality die casting product.

    *Titanium, zinc, and magnesium are not recommended for Armoloy coatings For more information, call the leader in corrosion resistant coatings at: 412-823-1030.