Coating Nuclear Components

Armoloy TDC and XADC Armoloy

Armoloy® TDC and XADC-Armoloy® coatings are successfully used in nuclear reactors. In nuclear applications, the use of Armoloy® coatings have resulted in improved wear resistance. Surface hardness is increased to 78 Rc with Armoloy and to 98 Rc with XADC-Armoloy® coating. The coatings also reduce galling (cold-welding), seizing and fretting corrosion.

Armoloy™ coatings are not adversely affected by radiation and perform well in temperatures that exceed 1000o F. Armoloy can coat all grades of stainless steel.


Applications Include:

  • SS Adjusting Bolts
  • SS Pumps
  • Grippers
  • Lock Pins
  • Metal