Linear Bearing Coatings

Armoloy's TDC Improves Performance

Armoloy TDC is Increasing Life and Improving Performance of Linear Bearings in the Following Industries:

  • Machine Tools
  • Food Processing
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Clean Room
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Robotics

Added Lubricity
The unique nature of the Armoloy TDC process will enhance the lubricity of your Armoloy coated rails. This added lubricity is especially important in applications requiring minimum to no lubricating agents being present in the processing line.

Increased Corrosion Resistance
Armoloy will improve the corrosion resistance of standard linear rails in most chemical or water environments to be comparable to or exceed that of 440°C stainless steel. Armoloy coating also has the added benefit of longer wear life than stainless steel due to its higher surface hardness (78Rc) and immediate cost savings realized from the use of non-stainless rails.

Safe and Simple
Armoloy is applied with a .0001/.0002" (2,5-5mm) deposit per side, eliminating the problem with major size/tolerance clearances. Armoloy will create an absolute bond to your linear rail that will not chip, flake, or peel in the field applications. Armoloy is also FDA-USDA approved for food and medical processing applications and is being used in many applications where adverse conditions prevail.

Cost Reductions
Costs will be lower when using Armoloy coated slides versus stainless steel slides. Deliveries will be established to meet your important JIT schedules.

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