Coating Mill Equipment

Why use ARMOLOY? TDC Coating.

Separator Disc

  1. “Armoloy” eliminates pick-up of materials on disc keeping corners and ends of sheet smooth and fine.
  2. Reduces noise levels on line.
  3. Reduces wear and coefficient of friction on discs.

Slitter Knives

  1. Increases life of knife between regrinds 350%.
  2. Eliminates pick-up of material prolonging finer, sharper slitting.
  3. Regrinds of slitter expose "Armoloy" to knife edge over and over.

Mill Rolls-Applications (All cold rolling of steel in mills) such as:

  1. Tension leveling lines
  2. Skin pass mills
  3. Galvanizing lines
  4. Duo mills
  5. Tandem mills
  6. Pickler mills
  7. Z mills
  8. Slitter lines
  9. Coil build-up lines

Proven Results

  1. Increases life of roll by up to 300%
  2. Reduces downtime due to roll failure
  3. No rework or polishing after coating
  4. Reduces soft spots on sheet
  5. Armoloy is guaranteed not to chip, peel or flake from the basis metal (ensures that your coil will not be damaged due to roll failure and therefore can be sold as prime)
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